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Welcome to our pharmacy! Pharmacy since 2005 and enjoys great respect and popularity. Pharmacy is an associate member of the Association of Pharmacies and operates under the brand name Canadian pharmacy.

Pharmacy guarantees the authenticity and quality of all delivered medical products for medical purposes. All pharmaceutical products are certified. Terms, conditions of storage and sale of pharmaceutical products are strictly complied with. To the buyer upon receipt of the goods available commodity and cashier's checks.

Pharmacy sells medicines on prescription, drugs without prescription, medical devices, dietary supplements and food additives, pharmaceutical products, homeopathic remedies, and also here You can buy vaccines for prevention of infectious diseases in adults and children.
You have a unique opportunity to visit our pharmacy from the comfort of home or office using the Internet pharmacies or by calling

The whole process of consultations on the choice of the drug, ordering, tracking, delivery is carried out by the pharmacist (a specialist with higher pharmaceutical education) usual pharmacies who can advise You on particular tools and answer all your questions.
User-friendly registration system in online store pharmacies will allow You to process orders and enter information.
Information submitted by You in the online shop of our pharmacies, under any circumstances will not be disclosed to third parties.

We are pleased to announce that Canadian pharmacy Discount program for regular customers. Having one of discount cards and carefully filling in the Questionnaire buyer, You will be able to get information about all the news and special offers at the pharmacy, to participate in lotteries and prize draws. And, of course, receive discounts on all Your purchases made in the store, and our online pharmacy. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the Discount program.

Your friends can use the Discount card, while committed purchases are listed on the map, increasing the size of Your discounts. Read the terms of the Discount Program You can in the pharmacy "Eco" or on our website. Now when ordering, You can request to receive a discount card. Map You will bring along with your order in a convenient place and time.

Buy drugs cheap without saving on health? Health is the most important thing for any person in life. From time to time, we periodically visited various medical facilities, dental offices, and, of course, left in drugstores certain sums of money for drugs. All this has one purpose - the promotion and maintenance of health.

Has anyone thought about how much money we spend annually on drugs? What money we pour in the development of the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains? Of course, to save on health cannot, because, as stated above, this is the most valuable thing we have in life. However, you can get the same set of drugs, spending on them by 10-30% less, and sometimes twice to save on your purchase.

Buying certain drugs, pay attention to the company and the country of origin. Drugs large and promoted pharmaceutical companies will cost more. For example drugs such global giants in the field of pharmaceutics, as Pfizer, Bayer, Schering-Plough will have to pay more.

Some pharmacy chains can save when booking drugs on the company's website via the Internet. Yes, indeed, the price when booking drugs over the Internet can vary by about 10%, depending on the pharmacy network. So, booking essential medicines, you just need to present a reservation number when you visit the pharmacy, and you will get already Packed the order. Agree, very useful.

In order to buy drugs in Internet pharmacy, You can spend as much time as You need to find the right drug at a reasonable price. The work of such pharmacies is not limited by time of day, and it doesn't even have to leave your home or office chair.
Instead of hours to be considered full of goods showcase, You can buy medicines over the Internet in just a few minutes - just type in the search box on the website the name of the required funds. For the convenience of customers, our shop also has a search by product manufacturers, and product catalogs are divided into thematic sections.
All items on which discounts are presented in a separate, constantly updating section. Looking at it, You can easily find out whether the list of products You need to adjust your plans and buy drugs in Internet pharmacies at lower prices.

Indeed, the Internet store company represents a unique combination of low prices, large selection and excellent service, which includes a full package of services - from consulting to free shipping.

For more information on how to order drugs over the Internet, and about other aspects of the company? Our operators will give comprehensive explanations, and if You are unable to get through the first time, request a call back at a convenient hour of the day.

We would like to inform all our customers: if You have arranged with us shipping and abandoned it when the courier was in a hurry to You, we may doubt the reliability of working with You, and in the future will be able to offer only pickup from our pharmacy. Understand us correctly, someone booked for Your drugs may be needed.

If, after the operator confirms Your order and arrange delivery time You want to make changes in the composition of the order (change quantities or items), please do it within 15 minutes. After this time we will arrange and carry out the cashier Your order and give it to the courier service; change in composition will be already impossible, only to completely cancel Your application, unfortunately.

So, to save money and buy drugs cheap is really possible, following all the above tips, with no saving on health!