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Lack of information leads to latent use of fake drugs. Doctors may be poorly informed about the problem of counterfeit drugs. Many doctors suggest episodes of insufficient therapeutic effect when using known drugs, the atypical manifestation of side effects, increased frequency of allergic reactions. It is usually associated with incorrect selection of drug and dosage, the resistance of the flora (in the case of antibiotics), the predisposition of the patient to allergies. However, the vast majority of doctors, along with their patients (for which the main criterion is the cost of the drugs), do not think about the authenticity of the drug.

According to various studies, falsification is mainly by way of the reduction of the amount of the active ingredient in the drug. Less active substance is replaced by another. There is no one absolutely reliable sign. The following obvious recommendations and the presence of a combination of traits will reduce the risk to a minimum. The seller must have a valid retail pharmaceutical license, i.e. to be a pharmacy (chemist item). Pharmacies are obliged to monitor the quality and origin of the applicants on the sale of goods, therefore the purchase of medicines in pharmacies, can serve as a guarantee of their authenticity.

Legal Internet Drugstore is the software with which the staff of hospital pharmacy, with all licenses and inspections by the appropriate regulatory bodies. If the site "online pharmacy" there is no copy of pharmaceutical license - please refrain from buying!

Make order in Internet pharmacy for the first time? Get it by self... make Sure that the pharmacy exists in reality. Take the license with the application. In the application for a license must always be specified the exact address of hospital pharmacy (pharmacy), where you can pay and receive your online order. Addresses pickup at the pharmacy network may be several.

The risk of purchasing counterfeit above, if you search for the medication in the pharmacy network or via the Internet at the lowest price. If you're strapped for cash and save, choosing legal generic.

Especially when buying expensive medicines should ask the seller, who and when made the medicine, when and from which vendor it was received, which confirms its quality and origin (request a certificate of quality).

Contact a representative of a drug manufacturer (call to office, go to the official website) and find out on what grounds can distinguish the genuine drug. Manufacturers usually try to protect their products (application protected characters, complex printing on packaging, holographic labels, special labels on tablets and the like).

Unlike most Internet pharmacies, we provide feedback to our clients. After execution of the order you can give us a rating, leave feedback and comments about the service. We publish them on the website.

Your ratings and reviews help website visitors to evaluate the quality of services in different pharmacies and the pharmacy staff is properly optimize their work.

In the left menu of the website and in the search results, medicines and products drugstores are rated (at the top of Google are pharmacies with a maximum rating). You can choose not only the best price but the best quality services!

For each pharmacy shows the Average score of service quality". Assessment (1 to 5) put those who have used the service order through our online pharmacy. The service quality can be considered good if its score is above 4.8. For each pharmacy shows the "Percent full, including delivery orders. The execution order can be considered excellent if it is above 80%. In the ranking of pharmacies also take into account the Turnover for the month, which largely depends on the pricing policy of the pharmacy. Impact on user evaluation and ranking of pharmacy is almost impossible without improving the quality and availability of services.

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